Headergrafik - Master in Management // Berkeley University

Webinar and Info Session Digital Marketing (EBS/Berkeley Global)

11 March 2021 18:00 - 19:00
Online via Zoom

You are interested in studying digital marketing? Do you want a solid education in management? Do you want a degree based on science and learning from the best experts in the field? Join our webinar and meet some of the team members who designed the new digital marketing track at EBS Universität.

You will also have a chance to learn about this master track’s special features at EBS Universität and Berkeley Global and anything you may want to know about admission procedures and student financing.

Structure of the webinar:

  • Webinar: Digital Marketing Trends: What’s trending in the post-COVID world
    Rinoti Amin, Lead Instructor Digital Marketing (Berkeley Global)
  • Q&A on trends in digital marketing
  • Short Introduction: Studying the MSc in Management and Digital Marketing at EBS
    David Windsor, Associate Dean of International Affairs (EBS)
    Dr Bernhard Bachmann, Director Master Programmes (EBS)
    Markus Herzger, MA, Student Consulting & Recruiting (EBS)
  • Q&A on questions concerning the MSc at EBS Universität
  • Short Introduction: Studying the Digital Marketing Programme at Berkeley Global
    Dr Frederick Wehrle, Assistant Dean (Berkeley Global)
    Jennie Akune, Director of Global Operations (Berkeley Global)
    Jorge Choy, Student & Certification Consulting & Recruiting (Berkeley Global)
  • Q&A on questions concerning the semester at Berkeley Global
  • Closing remarks

Language: English

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