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Leadership guidelines - a crucial factor to scale your business

25 August 2021 16:30 - 18:00

Lecturer: Dr. Jan Schächtele, Co-Founder and Managing Director COMATCH GmbH
Language: Englisch

In this lecture you will get an introduction to leadership guidelines based on a real life case study and an understanding why they are a crucial element if you want to scale your business.

Gründungsfabrik Rheingau

Lecture series from the idea to the foundation

Every fortnight alternately in English and German

The lecture series, which takes place every second week, is open for all who are interested in founding a company, with or without a specific idea. This series of lectures focus on the topic of business start-ups and the exchange of experiences between experts and founders. Here, start-up-relevant topics are presented by experts from practice as well as from EBS and HGU lecturers and going to be discussed. This program is primarily aimed at students with a general interest in the Topic „founding“. Guests from outside the universities are as well as welcome at any time. If 20 lectures of the lecture series are attended (approx. 80 % of the lectures offered per year), the interested student will receive a certificate of participation in the lecture series.

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