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Foundation Event of the EBS Impact Institute

07. November 2018

On 7 November 2018, the participating professors will celebrate the opening of the institute at Campus Schloss in Oestrich-Winkel together with the university management and invited guests.

EBS Universität responds to the growing social challenges with its newly founded EBS Impact Institute. This institute stands for business activities that generate socially beneficial outcomes – in other words, a positive social impact - for individuals, organisations and communities. From an interdisciplinary perspective (economics and psychology), the participating professors examine how individuals and organizations can provide social added value. The institute specifically focuses on Service Learning, Social Business, Organizational Justice and Mindfulness at Work.

Guest speaker and author Axel Koch will talk about the prerequisites for successful change management measures in organizations: Digitalization, globalization and demographic development are leading to radical changes in the business models of many industries. Added to this is the pressure from investors. But how much change can employees endure at all? And what happens when employees’ limits are crossed? These are two questions that are becoming increasingly important in view of the increasing pace of change in companies. Constant pressure to adapt often leads to disorientation, uncertainty, demotivation and stress for employees. The presentation gives impulses how to arrange sustainable, effective change processes.

07. November 2018
Maikki Diehl

Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources

Head of the Department Management & Economics

Academic Director MBA & Head of Impact Institute

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