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English Support Course: Pre-Semester

3 - 14 August 2020
EBS Campus Rheingau - Schloss
Rheingaustraße 1
65375 Oestrich-Winkel

This two-week course runs shortly before the start of the first semester. It prepares you intensively for the Bachelor programme at EBS Universität and is designed to offer you the best possible start by enabling you to communicate effectively in an academic environment. Have a confident approach from day one of your studies with honed language and presentation skills.

Intensive tuition enables you to improve your language skills within a short and focused period of time. The course comprises 56 teaching hours of language instruction. It provides intensive English language training in both the receptive and productive skills with a special focus on academic English.

Course content

  • Intensive grammar practice
  • Building academic and business vocabulary
  • Gaining confidence in speaking English
  • Participating in class discussions and debates
  • Giving oral presentations
  • Writing clear and accurate English
  • Using an appropriate academic style

Learning outcomes

  • Ability to read longer academic texts
  • Planning, organizing and writing academic essays
  • Following academic lectures and engaging in seminar discussions
  • Preparing and delivering academic presentations

Registration deadline: 15 July 2020
Tuition fee: 1,421 Euro

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