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Interview with Conrad Seber

Director Human Resources at Musashi Europe GmbH

Conrad Seber, Director Human Resources at Musashi Europe GmbH

What was the most important reason for you to choose the Durham-EBS EMBA programme?

All in all the Durham-EBS Executive MBA was the perfect programme for me as it offered all the necessary modules to extend my knowledge and develop my abilities for senior executive management, offered by two excellent and well-known global business schools. The international approach of the programme was from my point of view the ideal way to experience global business thinking. In an ever more connected world, the lectures in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States have prepared me perfectly for the upcoming challenges in my career.

How did you manage to study while working in your current job?

This was perhaps one of the biggest challenges in the study programme. However, many EMBA students have a challenging job with a demanding workload in today’s complex business environment, requiring us all to balance commitments and develop good prioritisation skills. However, the excellent mixture of interesting taught modules in the study programme, combined with a wonderful cohort with a great group dynamic made this a perfect experience. You have to do a lot, but you also learn a lot and make friends for life!

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