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Management & Economics

Ulrich Grimm

Faculty at the Department of Management & Economics offer students a high quality programme with contemporary academic content. Our students learn how to generate knowledge themselves and become inspiring personalities. As part of the international academic community we conduct rigorous, methodical, and relevant research.

We publish in renowned journals and participate actively in international research. Through cooperation with companies and the use of case studies, field studies, and applied research we are able to offer a wide range of taught courses, which enhances the prospects of our graduates to meet the increasing demands on managers with a global mindset. In executive education we deliver open enrolment and corporate programmes, in which we draw together the expertise within our Department. True to our slogan ‘Embedding leadership and organization in strategy!’, we pay particular attention to the impact of executive education on our clients’ companies.

Furthermore, interfacing with the newly founded EBS Law School, we seek to promote interaction between business and law, ensuring on the one hand a solid grounding in law that meets the highest standards. On the other hand research and teaching at the University also benefit from the synergies between law and economics.

Professors at the Department - Professor of Organizational Behavior & Human Resources, Professor Marjo-Riitta Diehl, PhD - Professor of Strategic Management, Professor Dr. Ulrich Grimm - Professors of Economics, Professor Dr. Jenny Kragl & Professor Dr. Jan-Christoph Rülke - Professor of Strategic Management, Professor Dr. Christian Landau - Professor of Strategic and International Management, Professor Dr. Markus Kreutzer - Professor of Social Business, Professor Dr. Karin Kreutzer - Professor of Practical Philosophy, Professor Dr. Richard Raatzsch - Professor of Philosophy of Science, Professor Dr. Max Urchs

as well as further adjunct, honorary and visiting professors.

The Department Management & Economics is headed by Professor Dr. Ulrich Grimm. For questions regarding our research topics, study programmes or other offerings, please do not hesitate to contact Jutta Richardson at 0611 - 7102 1531.



Practical Philosophy & Philosophy of Science

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