Career Services Center

Career planning already during your studies: We will support you!

The Career Services Center (CSC) of EBS Universität is the interface between the university, its students and the business world. Through professional preparation, individual advice and a variety of opportunities to get in touch with our extensive network, we support you in taking your first successful steps in the world of work.

Our mission

By studying at EBS Universität, young people continue or complete their formal education, which started with primary school and led to the acquisition of the university entrance qualification. The question then arises as to which company and position the first job should be in, or even whether they dare to take a step towards self-employment.

The CSC has set itself the objective of enabling students to make a successful start to their professional careers – intending to find the “right” position for every student. “Right” refers to factual aspects, such as the right skills and experience for a job, the right amount of working hours, the right place to work and the right payment. But it also includes “soft” factors, such as the sense of a fulfilling position, where you can not only be successful but where you feel like a member of a team. Ultimately, “right” means everything you are looking forward to every morning when you get up and prepare for work.

Our offer

Graphic of the "Self-Directed Journey"

According to the diagram, the CSC supports students in four consecutive phases, whereby it is the student’s responsibility to take the initiative and set the pace in their “self-directed journey”.

Explore yourself

The first step is to enable the student to make a qualified assessment of a suitable position and company. To this end, the CSC offers above all personal interviews with experienced professionals:

  • Career coaching
    The objective is to get to know oneself and possible, i.e. to identify one’s strengths and weaknesses, desires, interests, values and abilities.

  • Career counselling
    It focuses on specialist issues like e.g.:
    Do my qualifications give me a chance of getting a particular job?
    What application strategy could I apply?
    How do I get access to my desired companies?

Expand your capabilities

Phase 2 focuses on developing vocationally relevant key competencies, typically in the form of organised workshops or seminars. Key competencies are understood to be abilities beyond the specialist competencies taught in lectures, i.e. specialised knowledge, knowledge of scientific methods and subject-specific theoretical understanding. These include, for example:

  • Social competence
    e.g., Small Talks – The great art of small talk

  • Self-organisation competence
    e.g., How do I manage to be as well prepared as possible for the examination date?

Build your network

To increase the likelihood of receiving an invitation to an interview or even a job offer in response to an application, the CSC is organising various platforms in phase 3 to allow students to find out about potential employers and to get to know recruiters from relevant industries and convince them of their suitability. These include company presentations and workshops as well as special events with EBS Alumni.

Get your job

In the final step, the focus is on preparing and carrying out the actual application process. The CSC supports students in revising their application documents and preparing for their introduction to the company. Besides, students are given exclusive access to potential employers within the framework of “on-campus” career fairs, and concrete job offers on the EBS University job portal.

Students and graduates considering starting a business can get advice at the start-up center Gründungsfabrik Rheingau, a joint project of EBS Universität and the University of Applied Sciences Geisenheim.

Your benefit

Students who take advantage of the CSC services save time are more effective in finding a job and ultimately increase their competitiveness in the world of work.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Access to high-quality job-related information via the EBS Career Compass, the online career platform of the CSC
  • Access to specially trained advisers who provide objective support on career-related issues
  • Access to specific knowledge about employers and career-related trends
  • acquisition of career-related skills not covered by the curriculum
  • Direct access to well-known and attractive employers and EBS Alumni