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The Career Services Center

Career Advisory, Preparation, Networking, and Jobs

Career Services Center - Councelling, Briefing, Networking, Jobs

  • Discover Your Preferences
    EBS students have access to individual career counseling to find out, which job really fits to develop their strengths accordingly. .

  • Optimal Preparation
    Personal review of your application documents with our team or our corporate partners.

  • Personal Network
    Meet our corporate partners at numerous events throughout the semester and build your own network.

  • Excellent Job-Entry
    Exclusive recruiting events for EBS students and EBS University as a target university for numerous companies.

Our Corporate Partners

EBS Student recruiting

Recruit our students online

The Job Market enables you to reach the target group or your choice:

  • Bachelor General Management
  • Master in Management
  • Master in Automotive Management
  • Master in Finance
  • Master in Real Estate
  • Jura (Staatsexamen)
  • MBA (professional experience)
  • EMBA (professional experience)
  • Promotionsstudium
  • Alumni

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Alexandra Wagner

Career Service Advisor & Consultant

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Denise Neu

Career Services Advisor & Consultant

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René Schöler

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& Consultant

Nina Noormann-Becht
Career Service Advisor & Consultant
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