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Good funding, even
without a scholarship

Someone who is not successful in winning a scholarship or needs to cross-finance part of the study fees can draw on a student loan. The conditions for repayment can vary greatly, depending on the provider, and the lenders’ offers are both diverse and numerous; it is worth making detailed comparisons.

Conventional student financing:

  • Student loan of Nassauische Sparkasse
  • Deutsche Bildung fund
  • BAföG
  • KfW student loan

Education funds of external providers:

  • FESTO education fund
  • Career Concept education fund

Student loan Nassauische Sparkasse

The Nassauische Sparkasse offers EBS students a funding model with preferential rates.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Financing the study fees for bachelor or master study programme, including examination fees and semester fees abroad
  • Additional financial expenses (interest) in the last two semesters
  • Minimum amount € 5,000, maximum amount € 75,000
  • Up to 24 months’ grace period after graduation

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Nassauische Sparkasse
Ms. Claudia Preußer
Winkeler Straße 46
65366 Geisenheim
Phone +49 611 364 45001
Email: claudia.preusser@naspa.de

Deutsche Bildung

Since 2007, Deutsche Bildung (as a social business) has been sponsoring students in all disciplines during their studies (also abroad), with very flexible financing options and the funding programme WissenPlus for a successful career start. Other than with a student loan, the graduates repay the loan pro rata, without the risk of excessive indebtedness.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Total flexibility of disbursement, according to personal requirements.
  • Depending on the study course, up to a total of 30,000 euros.
  • Funding programme WissenPlus for a better start to your career, soft skills training, application coaching and more …
  • Proportional repayment, depending on subsequent income (3 to 10 percent)
  • Repayment period depending on amount of funding (3 to 10 years)
  • Maximum upper limit of assessment in cases of high income
  • Postponement or interruption of repayment in the case of further studies, illness, starting a family and more
  • This repayment then finances new students

Click here to visit the website of Deutsche Bildung.


The state education grant is characterized by very good terms and conditions. The state grants one half of the money as an interest-free loan, the other half is paid as a grant not requiring repayment. However, only students who do not exceed certain capital and income limits qualify for BAföG.


Studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main
Bockenheimer Landstraße 133
60325 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 180 17 88 336
Email: info@studentenwerkfrankfurt.de

Click here to visit the website of BAföG.

KfW Student loan

This is a full loan with incurred interest, however substantially below market level. As opposed to a BAföG grant, neither the applicant’s nor the parents’ income and capital play a role. Also, as far as age is concerned, the KfW is more generous, supporting students between 18 and 44 and even when they exceed the standard period of study. The study loan offer can be requested from the respective sales partners of the KfW bank group.

Click here to visit the website of KfW.

FESTO Education Fond

With the Festo education fund, students of the EBS Business School receive a student loan of up to € 40,000. The advantage of the FESTO education fund: repayment is not in fixed instalments but constitutes a certain percentage of the individual’s income, set on a case-by-case basis. In other words, Festo education fund participants pay only what their monthly budget allows. The number and amount of payments can also be determined individually and as required. Besides financial support, it is also worth looking into the Festo education fund as it covers a wide range of qualification programmes as well as providing access to a large network of top-level corporate and academic contacts.

Click here to visit the website of FESTO Education Fund.

Career Concept Education fund

With its study and education funds, Career Concept taps the free capital market for education financing. Investors invest in products such as education funds which in turn finance talented young people during their studies. After successfully entering the labour market, the graduates pay back a time-limited, proportional percentage of their achieved income in return.

Click here to visit the website of Career Concept.


On this page we have provided you with a list of special offers for student funding. The above-named institutions provided us with this information. EBS Universität cannot be made liable for the accuracy of the contents. EBS Universität cannot advise on selecting a certain finance offer and is neither provider nor agent for a respective student loan. Please examine and compare the various student loan offers in order to find the funding most suited to you and your requirements.

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