Headergrafik - Executive Education

Systemic Coach for Medical Business Management

“Combining two different topics and their related skills to create added value.”

This is the guiding principle behind the Rheingau EBS University’s unique partnership with various hospitals in the region Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler (Dr. von Erhenwall’schen Klinik in Ahrweiler, Kliniken Bad Neuenahr GmbH & Co. KG, AHG Klinik Tönisstein). The central focus of this further education programme is the transfer of theoretically applicable principles to coaching for medical and care professions. The concept’s most distinctive feature is that the knowledge gained is put directly into practice and can be reflected upon in regular feedback sessions. With our hospital partners in Bad Neuenahr - Ahrweiler, you can gain insight in the work processes of different occupational groups in health care and enhance your perception of interdisciplinary dialogue. This offers you very special insights into the topic “Leadership in the medical and care field”.

Coaching + Healthcare = Added Value

This combination of coaching and healthcare creates added value for every participant. This further education programme offers you the opportunity to enhance your skills and to put all that you have learned directly into practice.

Our aim: We want to give you 360° insight.

• teach applicable principles of medicine and care, together with coaching,

• gather practical experience,

• reflect on your experience and insights during feedback sessions

Target group

• academics or

• a person trained in one of the health care professions and with at least 5 years leadership experience

• specialist staff and senior executives in the health care sector

• human resources managers

• consultants

The knowledge gained during these sessions also offers many benefits to people new to the industry as, in future, retaining staff and investing in their health will mean a competitive advantage in many areas of work.


The admission process

To uphold highest training standards, the programm demands a great deal from its participants. In a successful admission process, there are several factors contributing to the overall picture.

1. Fulfilling the minimum requirements

You are …

• an academic

• a person trained in one of the health care professions and with at least 5 years leadership experience

1 1/2 days preparation course

Should you wish to participate in this course, although you do not have a specialist background in health care, we can offer you a preparation course.

Content: medical terminology & organisation in health care

Examination content:

• 25-30 questions on the individual topics

• only one examination resit is permitted


The tuition fees for the 19-day course amount to 6,950 Euro plus statutory VAT.

These are to be paid on confirmation of course participation.

The costs for the 1.5-day preparation course amount to 500 Euro plus statutory VAT. This is only bookable in combination with the 19-day course.


The training is divided into 6 modules which take place on the following dates:

• 19.01.2018 Kick off event

• 19. - 21.01.2018 Module 1: Introduction to systemic coaching

• 03. - 04.03.2018 Module 2: Interprofessional dialogue as basis of cooperation in health care

• 04. - 05.05.2018 Module 3: Alternative courses of action / complexity reduction

• 16. - 17.06.2018 Module 4: Staff retention, focus on care and psyche

• 07. - 08.09.2018 Module 5: Consolidation of coaching methods and their implementation in health care

• 03. - 04.11.2018 Module 6: Risk management and public relations

• 14./ 15.12.2018 Examination


Coach within a year

For each module the participants are required to write an essay on a variety of topics. Additionally, each participant will take an examination on the subjects “healthcare” and “coaching”.

On completion you will receive a certificate “Systemic Coach for Medical Business Management (EBS)”.


Fireside talks with experts

On the first evening of each module, a fireside discussion will be held, either on the premises of EBS or the hospital partners. These evenings include experts’ presentations on current training topics.

You coach hospital staff

During certain modules it is planned to hold coaching discussions with regional hospital staff. This enables you to test your knowledge and expand on what your have learned. This learning process is supplemented by supervision and intervision.