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B2B Sales Manager

Market situation: Challenges for Sales Management

The traditional approach in Sales is characterized by focusing on solving operative goals and single decisions of the customer (concrete service or product needs, performance characteristics, and price). Thus clear differentiation from competition is hard to achieve. Sales success is based on personal connections, better prices or mere chance. Market leaders, however, have realized that sales success – besides offering high quality products and services – largely depends on being able to position oneself as a strategic partner of ones customer.

Another trend that is leading to a revolution in Sales is digitalization: It not only changes the buying behavior of our customers, but also has tremendous effect on traditional sales channels toward the internet and social networks. It is essential to have that in mind from the beginning when developing a Sales strategy to avoid falling behind.

Furthermore, managing the sales team and each of its’ members always has been a challenging task, but becomes even more demanding through the latest generation of people coming onto the job market (generation Y or millennials), the new pervasive internet-based technologies and the “war for talent” for highly qualified employees. So the self-concept and the role of the Sales Manager have to change as well in order to create a stable environment for both employees and customers.

In order to secure your learning success and your return on investment the knowledge blocks of this certificate program are taught through a dynamic combination between different forms and methods of learning. E.g. the theoretical content that is taught in the plenum will be illustrated with practical examples and case studies or it will be exercised and enhanced in groups and role-plays. In addition, at the end of the second module, the participants will define a personal work-based project, which they will be asked to present at the end of the program and which will be included in the final certificate grading.

Furthermore, when developing the work-based project, the participants can be accompanied by the experienced coaches from mp consulting – Gerhard Herold und Artur Wagner – in a personal one-on-one coaching and hence apply what they have learned directly and immediately.

  • Module I THE CUSTOMER – Our Focus – 2 days
    1. Basics of Strategic Selling
    -Challenges in B2B Sales today - consequences for the Sales Management
    -The prerequisite for market success: Content and Process, From Product Selling to Value Selling
    2. Sales as a systematic process: The Sales Manager’s “tool box”
    -Sales Funnel Management
    -Systematic customer dialogue, identifying and developing the NEED of the customer through questioning techniques
    -Managing the customer’s Buying Center and Buying Cycle
    -The Opportunity Radar for assessing the chances of winning

    1. Sales Strategy
    -Phases of strategy development
    -Positioning in the market – the concept of the Three Value Strategies
    -Determine the course: define a vision, a mission and a strategy for your team
    2. Sales Organization
    -Designing the Sales Organization, Determining Sales Force Size & Managing Distributors
    -Introduction to Key Account Management
    -Managing growth systematically
    WORK-BASED PROJECT as a follow-up

  • Module III SALES MANAGEMENT – 2 days
    1. The Sales manager and his role as an executive
    2. The Sales Representative – your most important resource
    3. Building high performance teams
    Final exam

  • COACHING MODULE (1 day) – „work-based project“ coaching

  • FINAL DAY (1 day) – Review of the exam, presentation of the “work-based projects”, celebration and handing over of the certificates

Program language
Considering the international character of the role of today’s Sales Managers, the program will be held in English and all teaching materials will be in English as well. The program can be held in German alternatively, if all participants happen to be fluent in German and want it to be held in German (teaching materials will nonetheless be in English).

Target group

The B2B Sales Manager certificate program is tailored to Sales Managers who want to develop their professional competence and leadership skills. Furthermore, the seminar is directed at professionals who want to prepare for a leadership or management position in sales and at Managing Directors who want to further develop their company’s sales organization.


The total tuition fee for the complete program sum up to € 5.790,00. This fee includes the seminar papers, lunch, catering during breaks and the exam fee. Expenses for travel and overnight accommodation are not included.

The certificate program Sales Manager B2B is according to §4 Nr. 21 a) bb) UstG exempted from VAT.

Discounts are granted to participants who have already taken part in other EBS Executive Education programs and to EBS Alumni. So do not hesitate to let us know!


All in all eight days, or three 2-day modules, one final day and one personal coaching day, distributed over approximately 16 weeks, including the „work-based project“.


When you have completed all modules and have developed your own work-based project, you will be granted the B2B Sales Manager (EBS) certificate from the EBS University für Wirtschaft und Recht, one of the top business schools in Germany.

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Programme Management (External)
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