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Strascheg Center for Impact in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SCIIE)

About us

Vision and mission

„Innovation as Impact of Sustainability“

We are the Strascheg Center for Impact in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SCIIE) at EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht. With a strong focus on practive, we conduct teaching, research, further education and knowledge transfer in the fields of innovation management, sustainable business development, start-ups and entrepreneurial management, thereby empowering the innovation managers and founders of today and tomorrow. We are actively involved in the development of the regional and supra-regional IMPACT, INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP ecosystem and contribute as a relevant cooperation partner for the corporate world and in the scientific community.

Focus areas

Under the guiding idea “Creating and Managing sustainable Success through Innovation”, the SCIIE focuses on the following key areas

  • Generate Innovation
  • Implement Innovation &
  • Innovation steering.

We offer research, teaching and continuing education in the fields of

  • Innovation Management
  • Sustainable Business Development
  • Start-Up & Entrepreneurial Management
  • Controlling & Performance Measurement

and in doing so provide

Knowledge Building through the development of business concepts, business cases and management implications

  • Focus on relevance in practice
  • Continuous development of the topic portfolio with our partners

Ecosystem Building & Management

  • of the Gründerfabrik Rheingau in cooperation with Geisenheim University and regional partners
  • of the SCIIE with a focus on interregional cooperation

Knowledge transfer & documentation



Diane Robers

Professor of Management Practice

Director Strascheg Center for Impact in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Christoph Munck

Vice Director Strascheg Center for Impact in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Project Management "Gründungsfabrik Rheingau"

Executive Education

Alexandra Wagner-Thind
StartUp-Consultant & Coach Gründungsfabrik Rheingau

Research Assistants

Doctoral candidates

+49 611 7102 1336
Burgstraße 5
65375 Oestrich-Winkel