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Center for Corporate Compliance

Welcome to the website of the Center for Corporate Compliance at EBS Law School

Compliance describes the necessity to ensure the legality of business actions through measures taken by the operational organisation. This applies both to the management and supervisory bodies as well as to the people employed in the company. A changing understanding of regulation, the ongoing consolidation of legal requirements and the widespread sanctioning of legal violations are increasingly prompting companies to deal with the requirements associated with compliance. In addition to basic legal analyses, this requires above all the development of business administration’s implementation and communication strategies. This also includes the development and implementation of basic corporate ethical principles.

The Center for Corporate Compliance at EBS Law School is a research centre in which academic research and events on all compliance-related issues are conducted in cooperation with companies and sponsors. At the same time, the center serves to incorporate compliance into university education in law and business administration and to offer a qualified professional development programme.