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Housing Office

Dear students, welcome to EBS Universität!

EBS Housing Office assists international students in finding affordable, furnished and convenient accommodation near both campus sites. Since Housing is not an automatic part of your Study Agreement, finding a place to stay can be challenging. We help to overcome the language barrier and some real estate customs such as f.i. year-long contracts, renting out unfurnished flats or complicated rental fee structures. Nearly all our students rent in the surrounding towns and villages, renting private apartments or sharing flats. In terms of dormitories, there is very limited dorm space in Oestrich Winkel, whereas in Wiesbaden students can rent into three privately managed student dorms and a number of student apartment houses. From Wiesbaden there is good public transport connectivity to the Oestrich campus sites.

How to contact Housing?

Business School exchange students and students taking part in our international full time programs will be contacted by the Housing Office as soon as they are enrolled. EBS Law School exchange students start by contacting our law exchange coordinator to learn about their accommodation process.

Searching for accommodation on your own

Get active! On our Housing websites we provide lots of information on how and where to look for different types of accommodation on your own. Specialized sites for Wiesbaden and Oestrich Winkel hold collections of useful local contacts and a short overview over the area.
Further we offer many useful online services (free and chargeable). Some websites specialize in providing a platform for student-to- student flat exchange or the formation of flat shares. Sites called “WG or “Studie” are those you would be looking for. Fee charging agents specialize in furnished an equipped accommodation and short time contracts.
Often students will be able to book themselves because we recommend many bilingual sites, however, they can always ask Housing for assistance.

Flat Hunt for Exchange Students

Flat Hunt: If this is your first time at EBS you may choose a flat or room offered by EBS affiliate landlords. The Hunt is an online event two months before arrival of our exchange students (June and October) where Housing uploads descriptions of all offers along with available EBS dorm space to be chosen on the basis of “first come first serve”. You can choose from single apartments, flat shares and student houses; all furnished and equipped for a self-catered life style. All places have been inspected by the Housing coordinator, are contracted in English, often have all-inclusive prices and short-term rental periods.
Flat Hunt Website

Julia Bayer
Housing Coordinator
Phone:  +49 611 7102 1564
Fax: +49 611 7102 10 1564

Housing Fact Sheet

Housing Fact Sheet get the most important info fast.

How to find us

The Housing office is located in the Annexe building on Schloss Campus in the Academic Services area