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EBS Alumni Fellowship

Thanks to scholarships of the EBS Alumni Fellowship program, the EBS Alumni Academic Foundation is able to foster and support excellent students with a EBS Alumni mentoring program.

The privilege of mentorship by an alumnus, providing guidance and support to the mentee (the EBS Alumni Fellow), is of unsurpassed advantage. Familiar with the study programs and at the EBS Universität and expectations of professional careers, the combination of the two puts the EBS Alumni mentors in the best possible position to share knowledge. At the same time, the mentor stays in touch with his alma mater, continuously developing and sharpening his insights and connections to the benefit of the young successors.

Being a EBS Alumni Fellow you are entitled to benefit from

  • the experiences of an alumnus and his advisory capacity
  • your participation in the annual EBS Alumni Mentoring Day
  • being part of the EBS Alumni Fellow community that extends across all semesters
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EBS Alumni Education Fund

The EBS Alumni Education fund is a reverse generation agreement and the very first charitable education fund in Germany.

During the course of your studies, the fund will fully provide for your tuition fees. Once you have commenced your professional career - and not a single day earlier – you will begin to reimburse a percentage of your tuition over a period of time. Your payments will go directly back into the fund; thereby affording for future students to attend excellent education at the EBS Universität. A thoroughly remarkable and success-enabling tuition model.

EBS Alumni exchange scholarships

An educational stay abroad during an already challenging course of studies imposes additional financial burden. Individual EBS Alumni have devoted resources to offer financial support to the benefit of five stellar students with one of three EBS Alumni Exchange Scholarships.

  • The EBS Alumni Martin Krämer Award supports one undergraduate or graduate student with a one-time payment of EUR 2,500
  • The EBS Alumni Arnd Schikowsky Award supports one undergraduate and one graduate student, with two international scholarships of EUR 500 each
  • The EBS Alumni Law Abroad Award supports one student of the Faculty of Law with a one-time payment of EUR 2,500