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The countdown for our 50th anniversary on 6 April 2021 is on!


Anniversary: Celebrate with us half a century of EBS (1971-2021)

Greeting by Dr Dorothée Hofer, Managing Director of the EBS Universität

Dear Companions,
Dear Students,
Dear Colleagues,
Dear Alumni,
In short: Dear Friends of the EBS Universität,

With a positive outlook, we embrace the 50th anniversary year of the EBS Universität and with self-confidence that we embark on the new decade. We are taking the opportunity presented by our anniversary to look back on our university’s eventful 50 years. The EBS is a university that piques people’s curiosity in several ways: a range of subjects that gives small and large disciplines the chance to develop, an international profile and a unique campus that radiates its own special charm in its location between the Rhine and the vineyards. The EBS has inspired people and empowered them to strike out on their own path. Here people can also learn how to get up again after enduring crises and setbacks. In the SRH, we have had a strong and responsible partner by our side since 2016, a partner with whom we are boldly and self-confidently stepping forward into the second half of the century, while always remaining true to our core values. Anyone who comes to the EBS quickly gets a sense of the distinctive EBSpirit that makes us who we are.

That is why the motto accompanying our 50th anniversary is as follows:

50 years EBS. Inspiring. Empowering. One of a kind.

A reminder of these special characteristics is a key part of such an anniversary year. On 6 April, you will find our Campus Schloss here on this website – virtual and interactive to mark the foundation day. Then discover the little stories away from the historical milestones, see where the EBS is heading over the coming years and get to know our companions and our alumni. The EBS Universität is also celebrating its existence in September with an event on the Campus Schloss – together with our alumni who had their 40th anniversary in 2020 and are now returning to their alma mater.

Clearly, the year 2021 will be one in which we will be taking a look into the past and the future. We are very grateful for the various forms of support that the EBS Universität has received over the years. Together with all of the students, our alumni and our colleagues at the EBS Universität, I am looking forward to this special year and equally looking forward to seeing you, our guests – alumni, partner universities, corporate partners, representatives from the world of politics and partners from the region. An anniversary year with a diverse programme and exciting highlights awaits us all.

Warm regards,
Dorothée Hofer

EBS Managing Director Dorothee Hofer

50 years EBS - An exciting journey with ups and downs

The year 2021 is a very special one for EBS Universität. Initially known as the European Business School, it was established 50 years ago (on 6 April 1971 to be precise) by its founding father Klaus Evard. It had a clear vision: to be the first private international business school in Germany to offer a course of study with the greatest possible practical focus by closely linking it to the world of business. In 2021, we are looking back on eventful history and looking forward to the next 50 years of EBS Universität!

Discover what has happened in the last 50 years…


It all started on 6 April 1971: Professor Klaus Evard was able to turn his vision of educating international business management experts into reality by creating courses with a distinct practical focus and demonstrating real commitment. The European Business School started out with just under 30 students in Offenbach am Main.


On 19 July 1977, a long-awaited letter arrived from the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts. After a four-year – and at times arduous – consultation process with ministers, authorities and the administrative court, the EBS was officially recognised by the state as a Fachhochschule, or college of higher education. This put the EBS on an equal footing with public colleges, laying the foundations for the subsequent expansion phase.


Growing student numbers and founder Evard’s desire to turn his campus idea into reality led to the college moving in 1980 from Offenbach am Main to Schloss Reichartshausen in the idyllic Rheingau region. The college that had begun its journey with just under 30 students now needed capacity for ten times as many.


Recognition as a wissenschaftliche Hochschule, or university-level college, would prove to be another obstacle course. Although the Hessian Higher Education Act covered private colleges of higher education, it did not cover private universities. This did not deter the EBS and on 1 March 1992, after submitting numerous applications and meeting extensive conditions, it was finally officially recognised by the state as a wissenschaftliche Hochschule. Just one year later, the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts granted the EBS the right to award doctorates. This was followed in 1998 by the right to award postdoctoral qualifications.


The intensive work on course structures, cooperation partnerships with other universities and the optimal organisation of the course content paid off. The EBS completed the Bologna Process in 2004, making it one of the first higher education establishments to make the successful transition from awarding diplomas to bachelor’s and master’s degrees.


The expansion of the EBS continued to gather pace. Alongside the founding of the EBS Law School as the second faculty and scientific mainstay, the process was launched to establish the EBS Universität. The former European Business School (EBS) became a fully fledged private university: the EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht.


The EBS has experienced many lows over the course of the last two decades, including accusations of cash injections for its own interests, diverted funds, affairs involving individual people and the threat of insolvency for a business school. Yet it was a beneficial experience. The EBS has learned lessons and emerged stronger from the crisis. Since July 2016, the EBS Universität has been part of the non-profit foundation SRH and thus has a strong partner by its side to help it make further progress.


Never has there been a year at the EBS Universität so characterised by change and uncertainty as this one. The coronavirus pandemic is keeping the whole world on tenterhooks. And yet the EBS has sought the opportunity in the crisis and taken on the challenge. The digital transformation at the university was implemented almost overnight, making sure that students could continue to study at any time. Despite this difficult year, the university was even able to record a distinctly positive growth trend in the number of students.

The EBS has also managed to continue looking towards a successful future. The quiet time on campus was used to press ahead with the major building project around Schloss Reichartshausen and the new course structure for the law degree has also been successfully introduced.

There has been some good news despite the crisis and one piece of news in particular makes us especially proud. The Law School has now been part of the EBS Universität for ten years. The first cohort of qualified lawyers graduated back in 2016. The EBS has now been able to produce Hesse’s best law graduates for the fourth year in succession.

Wishes for EBS…

Simon Iolin:

Congratulations on your anniversary and continued success!!!

Thomas Wallrabenstein, EXEBS 1985:

International, practice-oriented studies in small groups were what drew me to the Rheingau in the early 80s. We like to recall memories of "our" year abroad in Paris and London and the "Rheingauer Kontakte" series of events (which unfortunately no longer exist). The outstanding lectures by Prof. Rose (at the "psychopathically educated" dollar exchange rate) or the legendary summer parties have remained, as have some friendships for life. Today our son is an EBS student. Good luck in the future!

Melanie Thomas, Mitarbeiterin an der EBS Universität:

My wish for EBS is that it will retain its incomparable character over the next 50 years. I believe that the EBSpirit, which shapes the EBS Family cohesion, has a significant influence. Thus, through my work, I meet lovely and inspiring personalities. I particularly enjoy getting to know the students and alumni personally! In our conversations, one thing always stands out clearly: "Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want" (quote from Ken Poirot). I hope that many more people become inspired by the spirit of EBS and want to make the world a little bit better.

M. Sc. Finance Student :

I wish with all my heart that EBS would regain its lost accreditation and become a Triple Crown university again. The recognition of EBS and it's taken seriously stands and falls with the lost accreditation. To be able to play at the top also, must regain it. Apart from that, I wish that EBS remains as familiar as it is!

…Leave your greeting, too!

Do you have a wish for the future of EBS for the next 50 years? Or is there an EBS experience that you enjoy looking back on? We are already curious to read your messages!

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