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  • 2015

A+/A - Journals

Heese, H.S., & Kemahlioglu-Ziya, E. (forthcoming). Don’t ask, don’t tell: Sharing revenues with a dishonest retailer. European Journal of Operational Research.

Albert, D., Kreutzer, M., & Lechner, C. (2015). Resolving the Paradox of Interdependency and Strategic Renewal in Activity Systems. Academy of Management Review, 40(2), 210-234.

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Kreutzer, M., Walter, J., & Cardinal, L.B. (2015). Organizational Control as an Antidote to Politics in the Pursuit of Strategic Initiative Performance? Strategic Management Journal, 36(9), 1317-1337.

B - Journals

Hu, X., Blocher, D., Heese, H.S., & Zhou, F. (forthcoming). Scheduling products with subassemblies and changeover time. Journal of the Operational Research Society.

Kragl, J. (forthcoming). Relational Bonus Contracts vs. Rank-Order Tournaments with Envious Workers. Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics.

Landau, C., Karna, A., & Sailer, M. (forthcoming). Business model innovation for emerging markets – a case study of a German automobile manufacturer’s business model adaptation to India. R&D Management.

Lurtz, K. & Kreutzer, K. (forthcoming). Entrepreneurial Orientation and Social Venture Creation in Nonprofit Organizations: The Pivotal Role of Social Risk-Taking and Collaboration. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

Pierdzioch, C., Rülke, J.-C., & Tillmann, P. (forthcoming). Using Forecasts to Uncover the Loss Function of FOMC members. Macroeconomic Dynamics.

Schleper, M. C., Blome, C. & Wuttke, D.A. (forthcoming). The Dark Side of Buyer Power: Supplier Exploitation and the Role of Ethical Climates. Journal of Business Ethics. DOI 10.1007/s10551-015-2681-6.

Seeck, H. & Diehl, M.R. (forthcoming). HRM and innovation – Taking stock and future directions. International Journal of Human Resource Management.

Foerstl, K., Azadegan, A., Leppelt, T., & Hartmann, E. (2015). Drivers of Supplier Sustainability: Moving Beyond Compliance to Commitment. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 51(1), 67-92.

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C - Journals

Landau, C., Karna, A., Richter A., & Uhlenbruck, K. (fothcoming). Institutional leverage capability – creating and using institutional advantage for internationalization. Global Strategy Journal.

Lueg, K.-E., Georgi, C., Duck, K., & Multerer, C. (forthcomming). Prozessstandardisierung. In T. M. Fischer & M. Vollmer (Eds.), Erfolgreiche Führung von Shared Services [ZfBF Special Issue].

Rülke, J.-C., Silgoner, M., & Wörz, J. (forthcoming). Herding behavior of business cycle forecasters. International Journal of Forcasting.

Hartmann, J., & Germain, R. (2015). Understanding the Relationships of Integration Capabilities, Ecological Product Design, and Manufacturing Performance. Journal of Cleaner Production, 92, 196-205.

Fritsche, U., Pierdzioch, C., Rülke, J.-C., & Stadtmann, G. (2015). Forecasting the Brazilian Real and the Mexican Peso: Asymmetric Loss, Forecast Rationality, and Forecaster Herding. International Journal of Forecasting, 31(1), 130-139.

Mack, T., & Landau, C. (2015). Winners, losers, and deniers – self-selection in crowd innovation contests and the roles of motivation, creativity, and skills. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, 37, 52-64.

  • 2014

A+/A - Journals

Brechmann, E, Czado, C., & Paterlini, S. (2014). Flexible dependence modeling of operational risk losses and its impact on total capital requirements. Journal of Banking and Finance, 40, 271-285.

Kragl, J., & Schöttner, A. (2014). Wage Floors, Imperfect Performance Measures, and Optimal Job Design. International Economic Review, 55(2), 525-550.

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Pun, H., & Heese, H.S. (2014). Outsourcing to suppliers with unknown capabilities. European Journal of Operational Research, 234(1), 108-118.

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Zhou, F., Blocher, D., Hu, X., & Heese, H.S. (2014). Scheduling products with subassemblies and changeover cost. European Journal of Operational Research, 233, 75-83.

B - Journals

Fastrich, B., Paterlini, S., & Winker, P. (2014). Cardinality versus q-Norm Constraints for Index Tracking. Quantitative Finance, 14(11), 2019-2032.

Hoegele, D., Schmidt, S.L., & Torgler, B. (2014). Superstars as drivers of organizational identification: Empirical findings from professional soccer. Psychology & Marketing, 31(9), 736-757.

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C - Journals

Abstein, A., Heidenreich, S., & Spieth, P. (2014). Innovative work behavior - The impact of comprehensive HR system perceptions and the role of work-life conflict. Industry & Innovation, 21(2), 91-116.

Dippold, T., Mutl, J., & Zietz, J. (2014). Opting for a Green Certificate: The Impact of Local Attitudes and Economic Conditions. Journal of Real Estate Research, 36(4).

Landau, C. (2014). Active Involvement of Private Equity Firms in Portfolio Companies and its Performance Effects. Advances in Strategic Management, 31, 185-229.

Schneider, S., & Spieth, P. (2014). Business Model Innovation and Strategic Flexibility: Insights from an Experimental Research Design. International Journal of Innovation Management, 18(6), 1-21.

  • 2013

A+/A - Journals

Bartl, C., Gouthier, M.H.J., & Lenker, M. (2013). Delighting Consumers Click by Click: Antecedents and Effects of Delight Online. Journal of Service Research, 16(3), 386-399.

Behr, P., Guettler, A., & Miebs, F. (2013). On Portfolio Optimization: Imposing the Right Constraints. Journal of Banking & Finance, 37, 1232–1242.

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Wittkowski, K., Moeller, S., & Wirtz, J. (2013). Firms’ Intentions to Use Non-ownership Services. Journal of Service Research, 16(2), 171-185.

B - Journals

Foerstl, K., Hartmann, E., Wynstra, F., & Moser, R. (2013). Cross-functional integration and functional coordination in purchasing and supply management: Antecedents and effects on purchasing and firm performance. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 33(6), 689-721.

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C - Journals

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  • 2012

A+/A - Journals

Behr, P., Guettler, A., & Truebenbach, F. (2012). Using industry momentum to improve portfolio performance. Journal of Banking and Finance, 36(5), 1414-1423.

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B - Journals

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C - Journals

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  • 2011

A+/A - Journals

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B - Journals

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C - Journals

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