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Why I Chose to Study Abroad in Spain

Currently I am an exchange student at the UPF (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) in Barcelona, Spain. You might be wondering how, out of all the countries in the world, I decided to come to Spain. The first decision I made was to go to a Spanish speaking country because I am studying Business Languages. Finally, I wanted to get my Spanish skills to a standard where I would be able to speak fluently. Additionally, I had already been to Spain several times and enjoyed the culture and the mentality of the people a lot. The open-mindedness, the music and dances, the food and the laid back and generally sociable attitude of the people are some of the things I really enjoyed.

Regarding my choice of university in Spain, the UPF is the second best business school in Spain and is a short distance to the beach-- in addition to the good weather. These were factors that made it even easier to decide to come here. At the end of the day, the semester abroad is not supposed to be solely about academics but also a time where we as students are meant to experience different cultures and different systems of learning. It is a time where we are able to meet new people, where we have to show that we are able to adapt to new surroundings, and where we have to learn to organise ourselves and be more independent.


Karlsruhe Business Masters Challenge 2009: Part III

This week’s blog is the final Part III from last week’s blog where I told you about the competition stage of the Karlsruhe Business Masters Challenge 2009.

…After many a coffee to keep me awake, it was announced that later that afternoon three teams would present in the auditorium in front of a panel of nine Judges and all other participants of the competition. The teams would be announced once we were all seated in the auditorium. You can picture the scene, twenty-seven excited, nervous and anxious participants walking through the streets of Karlsruhe to the auditorium, all discussing their chances of selection and their presentation strategies.

We all took our seats in the auditorium and the proceedings got underway, and the teams in the final showdown announced were from group 1; United States, group 2; India and group 3; Denmark…

My heart sank; we had not made the final three…

In times like these I always think of a saying I heard once which says that professional athletes make extremely good consultants, as they recover from their failures really quickly. Therefore, I decided to enjoy the rest of my time in Karlsruhe, network with some of the interesting people. After all the experience is what you make of it. So I sat back in my chair in the auditorium, relaxed and watched how the three finalists were grilled by the panel of judges, comprised of executives, senior management and professors.

At the awards’ dinner (which was an extremely stylish affair) in the Hotel’s banqueting room, the winner was to be announced. The rest of us all had our own personal take on who ought to win, but as in every competition the judges’ decision is the final say! The dinner was a lovely three course meal with matched wines for each course, an impressive evening. I had a number of good conversations with other participants about internship opportunities and particularly with one of the directors of the Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship about a start-up business incubator project.

Finally the time came for the announcement of the winner, 3rd place was taken by the United States, 2nd by India and Denmark won the competition. I was delighted, as I had felt they were the best team too. Everyone was congratulating the three teams and with just dessert still to go, the dinner part of the evening was coming to an end.

The after-party was held in a nearby c lub, of which an entire section was reserved just for us, including complete VIP treatment. It suffices to say that the party was awesome as everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, and a good few friendships were pursued into the early hours of the morning.

Although it has only been a few months since the competition, I am still in contact with some of the good people I met there and have in turn opened up a possible internship opportunity and the other opportunities are still out there waiting for me to find them. All in all the competition was a really positive, value adding and enriching experience which I would highly recommend to everyone.


Funding Options

In these times of financial distress - when people are losing jobs, banks shy away from disbursing loans, and scholarships are scarce – every prospective MBA student will be worried about how to fund his/her studies. So let me list down some of the funding options that one can look at, when he/she is considering EBS for the Full-Time MBA Program:


1. eXebs – EBS Alumni Association – Support for Students -

There are many scholarships to choose from.

a. eXebs Fellowship und Bildungsfonds

b. EBS Alumni Citi Foundation Scholarship

c. Auslandsstipendien

d. eXebs Friedrich J. Schoening International Scholarship supported by DAAD

e. Akademische Feier der EBS Alumni Studienstiftung


2. EBS Full-Time MBA Scholarships

a. Partial EBS Premium Scholarships

b. Full scholarships from 'Péter-Horváth-Foundation'


3. Student Finance

The list is ever growing and EBS is always trying to help its students in funding their studies through various support programs.

Apart from that, there are many institutions in Germany that give out scholarships to Germans and non-Germans alike. Below are couple of them:


1. DAAD Grants & Scholarships

a. (Mostly for US & Canada citizens)

b. For all countries

c.  For students from developing countries

d. Country-specific scholarship, information on the various DAAD Scholarship Programmes (2010/2011).

2.  MAN Studienstiftung

3.  RosaLuxemburg Stiftung


So why don’t you apply for an MBA at EBS?

PS: I am supported by two of the above scholarships – eXebs Friedrich J. Schoening International Scholarship supported by DAAD & MAN Studienstiftung (Partial Tuition Fees waiver)

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