Thoughts on my Future Career Plans

Career planning has become a buzz term in industry and is currently one that is occupying a fair bit of my sub-conscious thought processes. For example, does the first company you start working for really impact your entire career? Well, if you think about it—yes-- and so does every decision, meeting, chance meeting, the way you walk around university, the people you decide to or not to talk to. These things impact your career in lost and found opportunities!

I am currently looking for sustainable opportunities and am in “search mode”. My own personal definition of “search mode” means actively looking for and informing myself about companies and possibilities out there in the working world. When a possibility looks like it could be viable, I read up and look into it in more detail; if it gets through that screening, then I have identified an optional opportunity. Currently I am trying to build up a number of suitable companies that I would like to work for (and that I think would hire me) and am putting them into my optional opportunities folder.

In the next couple of months I am going to have to decide where I would like to apply, and hopefully someone will want to speak to me. I am of the opinion that you should apply to work at companies that you want to work for and not ones that you in your field of specialization are expected to apply to. So I will be applying to companies that I am satisfied will offer me a complete package of career advancement opportunities, work-life balance, fair pay, enjoyable and interesting working environment and a company that will bring out the passion in me.

Geographically I have restricted myself to Europe for the beginning of my career (i.e. the first 5 years) so if an offer in Ireland, Spain, Britain, Scotland or Germany comes up that I think fits me and my family best, then I will take it and jump on a train or plane.

Once I have got started in the working world, I hope to pursue an entrepreneurial venture-- be it within a company or outside of a company, on my own or with a number or associates and partners. But nonetheless I will be ambitiously striving to achieve a high level of autonomy in my future career.

You may note I have not mentioned an industry and that is due to the fact that I have a broad generalist degree and think that I am not restricted by industry. As I see it, after all this studying, I should have learnt how to think, and hence should be able to continue to learn and adapt wherever I choose to go!

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