Thoughts on Leadership: Trevor

In this week’s blog entry I will be sharing my thoughts on Leadership, a hot topic around the EBS campus.

What is a leader? This question has occupied many hours in the lives of academic researchers, who have tried to discover the characteristics and traits that a leader possesses in an attempt to identify future leaders. As I am not one of these researchers, I can only offer you my opinion of what leadership is by describing who I would be happy to follow.

I would like my leader to possess skill in the area that they are leading me in, in other words I would like them to be excellent at what they do so that I can actually learn something from them. On the other hand I would like them to be honest and have integrity as there are many situations in business and life where a portion of the truth is merely swept under the carpet and only half truths with the positive information are communicated. This is where I believe a leader should stand out from the rest and should be able to tell the truth and at the same time be brave enough to take responsibility for both their good and bad decisions. A strong, fair and admirable leader is one that can stand up in front of everyone and admit having been wrong or incorrect, but still thereafter hold their head high and be tough and driven enough to learn from the failure and continue to lead in a confident and firm manner. At the end of the day, not everyone in our society can or wants to take on the responsibility and the associated accountability of being a leader.

The ideal that a leader should maintain an unblemished image to preserve their position of power has proven to frequently to result in cover-up strategies, which then become scandals if they ever becomes public. Hence, I think future leaders will be smart enough to recognize the benefit of admitting small mistakes and avoiding building huge complex problems through elaborate cover-up strategies. As a true leader is not afraid of losing power and this self -confidence and -trust in themselves will set them apart from the rest.

You may be saying to yourself that my idea of a leader is one that could only exist in a dream world, but there I say, no, not true! We at EBS should all be aspiring to be leaders of top quality and pure excellence. On the flip side, while we may have to be followers at one time or another, we should still hold our leaders to the same high expectations, so that my idea of a leader is not merely one in a dream world but rather the leader of the future.

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