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Dance 4 life …

The 2nd day of YGL (Young Global leaders) meet presented different shades of entrepreneurship. The one session which really impressed me was "Dance 4 life". I'll come to that later.

Earlier in the day, Mr. Henrik Naujoks (Director, Bain & company) talked about an extension of "Philanthropy" in his topic, "Managing Social Change". He comprehensively detailed us about Principles of sustained social value creation.

In the 2nd session, what I experienced was how cool, carefree and modest, a person can be when Mr. Yair Goldfinger (Co-founder & chief technology officer, DOTOMI) took over the stage. He was simply amazing, of the fact, that he started of by saying "I am having no presentation with me as I am highly disorganized". I immediately related to him as I am the same. But I knew that this person will not boast of a crisp suiting and shirting, but of a crisp mind & practicality. And there he was, engrossing us with his inspiring life story and briefing us with changing digital media. The learning from this session was highly personalized. Whether one needs to expose one's personal details open to the world in order to get personalized services or sit in privacy and follow what the world is doing. Interesting session I must say.

Last but not the least, as I mentioned earlier, "Dance 4 life". The session actually made me tap my feet in rhythm when Mr. Dennis Karpes (Founder, Dance 4 life), through his really glossy and different presentation, briefed us about this dream project. It works towards spreading awareness on HIV through the medium of dance. It was fascinating to see such a brilliant concept on a global level which educates the teenagers worldwide about this serious issue in an entertaining and lively way. The optimism of Mr. Karpes was clear in his choice of words when he told us why he named the project "Dance 4 life" instead of "Dance against HIV". I must say that, in this YGL meet, my knowledge horizons are expanding, not in a way I learn, but the way I think. I am sure it'll continue in the next 3 days.


Monday, Jan. 10th

Prof. Christopher Jahns, today, opened the 1st YGL Curriculum. He told us about the World Economic Forum and the Young Global Leaders. Moreover he introduced all the promising keynote speakers for the next five days. I think it was a good choice to apply for the 1st YGL Curriculum, having the chance to meet all those astonishing people with their great ideas.

The first of them was Felicitas von Peter who came right after our president. Her topic was "New Philanthropy", a topic that was not quite new to the most of us, as Yunus has already emphasized it when he visited Wiesbaden and also when he came to EBS to open up the Chair of Social Business. But I think one cannot mention it often enough: Every dollar donated is gone, but every dollar invested into a social business generates new dollars that can be reinvested. This thought fascinated her so much, that she founded her own social business called "Active Philantrophy" to promote the idea of such businesses that are not depending on grants and charity but on sustainable business models. Moreover she was reporting about some really cool companies she is working with.

Altogether a great start, I am looking forward to get to know more YGLs!


The Amazing “New Philanthropy”

So guys, as expected, the annual YGL (Young Global Leaders) meet gets off to rollicking start at the EBS schloss campus. Amidst warm weather and lovely globe printed balloons, it was great to listen to the opening session of Dr. Christopher Jahns, the President/CEO of EBS. I wasn't aware that he himself was a YGL at May 2009 summit at Jordan. In his unique polite and charming way, he briefed us about the agenda for the next 4 days and also enlightened us with the actual purpose of this meet.

Next in the offering was an altogether unique concept of "New Philanthropy" presented by Ms. Felicitas Von Peter (Founder and managing partner of Active Philanthropy, a charitable organization set up in 2006). Personally speaking the topic was new to me and completely engrossed me from the word 'Go'. Just for your understanding "Philanthropy" in its usual terms is defined as the love for mankind and the one?s willingness to selflessly help the needies. The innovative case study method (which I am happy that my team performed well in) helped us in understanding the difference between traditional and new methods of Philanthropy and it was striking to learn that one's love for social causes and towards mankind, can now actually be converted into a full fledged business model which not only help serve the global human causes effectively but also provides sound financial returns to the investors. I was impressed by the practical examples (specially the term 'Mission Connect Investing' and the example given of Mr. Bill gates). Ms. Peter clearly brought out the difference between introducing new business concepts with respect to present world market dynamics and at the same time maintaining the honesty and the selflessness towards the causes you have taken up.

In the end, I can say that with such unheard and unseen business phenomenon experienced on the very first day itself, this YGL meet has a lot to offer at every stage in the coming days. Keep checking this space for daily updates.


Introducing myself …

Hey guys,

I am Felix, Master degree student and student representative here at EBS University. I also did my bachelor here and, obviously, could not let go. I am really enjoying my time at EBS and being part of the 1st YGL curriculum is just another very cool thing we get offered here.

I come from closer Düsseldorf but will be moving back to Hamburg soon, where I was born 24 years ago. Between you and me ... it is the most beautiful city here in Germany!

As I did several internships during the course of my studies, I know one thing for sure: Some day I will be an entrepreneur, working my own business. Hopefully I will get some inspiration from those YGLs that I will meet in the next five days. In order to share my experiences with you, I will blog them here.

You will hear from me soon!




Hello everybody,

I am the new blogger and would like to first introduce myself: My name is Vikram Mehta. I hail from the city of New Delhi in India. I am an electronics & instrumentation engineer by background. Post graduation I worked in the energy sector with Siemens for 3 years and Emerson for 2 years. Presently pursuing MBA from EBS, Germany, in ‘Global Operations’. Post MBA, I wish to work again in the energy domain (Operations). I am an ardent film script/screenplay writer and my other hobbies include playing cricket and soccer with my friends.

In this week, I’ll write about the first YGL curriculum (10. - 14. January) – as part of the Master degree program and in cooperation with selected Young Global Leaders, which takes place at the EBS Business School. I wish to summarize my experiences in this blog.

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