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Hi, my name is Trevor S. and currently I am in the European Business School Masters programme for General Management. I was born in South Africa and grew up and went to school there. I grew up during a historical transition period in South Africa and hence have a unique diverse multi-cultural knowledge gained from interactional experience with people from all walks of life. Since this first blog entry is supposed to be all about me, I will give you a very brief CV-like story of my life up until this point.

I completed school in 2000 and decided to pursue a career in Hospitality and promptly got a job in a hotel in Cape Town. I worked there for one and half years and then decided to gain some international experience and managed to secure a position in a hotel in Killarney, Ireland. I worked in Ireland for two and half years and then made a big decision to go to university. I went back to South Africa and began studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2005. I completed my Bachelors studies in South Africa and majored in Information Systems and German Studies. I finished up my Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in 2008 and moved to Germany with my wife in December 2008. I then worked on securing a position on the Masters Programme at EBS and started my Masters in September 2009 and I am delighted to be here!

As I continue to write week after week in this Blog, you will discover more and more details about me, and I hope to provide you with some insight into my Masters studies experience at EBS.

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Life Insurance

How can you be so sure about European Business School (EBS) - Blog ? Although most of the information provided is true as per my knowledge but I don't agree fully. I think it should be more practical. I visited your website while searching for india and h...

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