Studying in Germany vs. Studying in India

Because I am originally from India but am studying in Germany, one might wonder what the biggest differences between studying in my home country and in Germany are. Here are the biggest differences from my perspective:

Firstly, all the professors at EBS are actively involved with companies in various projects and hence their lectures are up-to-date with lot of real life examples. There is no language problem in the university, as most people speak English. However, outside campus it is difficult to meet people if you don’t know German. As for working in Germany, most of the companies ask for a working knowledge of business German.

In Germany, we don’t strictly follow any textbook, which is very different from India. In India, professors start at chapter one and often go on until the last chapter in the textbook, and that marks that the course is over. It is good in a way that we learn a topic from its very basics; but at the same time, there is lot of theory with little real life examples. Also, the texts are frequently out of date.

From a cultural point of view, Germans are very organized and have rules and regulations for almost everything. This is sometimes very strange for someone like me coming from India, but somehow I like Germans and their very organized nature.

Lastly, Living conditions in Germany are good. I am currently living about five kilometers away from EBS. When I started my course, I decided to bike to EBS every day and hence bought a bike for myself. But later on I got lazy and these days, I commute up and down from EBS using the public transport. Transportation is quite expensive in Germany, though.

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