The Path of a Leader

Leadership. What a fluid term to take apart, actually more of an idea-- an idea of empowering the world around us. Why should we have or why do we require leadership? Good leadership can carry people through the dark and has the potential to lead people to better places. Leadership cannot just be seen as a person in charge of others, but rather it is a calling and a responsibility. A certain trust is put into leaders, and a leader would be wise to not take this trust for granted. Leading implies following, and a leader without followers simply cannot be a leader. Leading is a responsibility which enables others to go to places where otherwise they may not have been able to go.

The path of a leader paves the way for the people who follow, but who paves the path for the leader? A leader sets the path, but how is the leader to know that the direction of the path is set in the right direction? Are time and experience the determining factors for setting good paths, or does it come down to the moral character of the leader? Or could it be that lady luck determines the final destination of a leader’s path. One thing is for certain, the path of a leader is aimed at a destination, whether the destination is reached however is to be seen. The effective leader with eyes wide open will be able to foretell the destination of his path and the poor leader will be in for a surprise.

Hopefully, the leaders of tomorrow will contemplate and be mindful while planning their destinations and then choose the right paths to reach them. A clear path to a bad destination and a bad path to a good destination are not beneficial, and in the end these two things betray trust.

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