Reflections on my Master’s Thesis

I decided early on that I wanted to do my Master’s Thesis in cooperation with a company. I wanted to do something in the “Green IT” sector, but with a business focus. I have been interested for some time in sustainability, energy efficiency and finding measures to lower our impact on the environment. I truly believe that organizations can lower their impact on the environment without incurring additional cost in the medium to long term. Naturally for many environmental initiatives there is an upfront investment that organizations need to make, but these do and will pay for themselves in the medium to long term.

With this outlook and opinion I went in search of a topic where I could combine energy efficiency, “Green IT” and business management. I must admit it was a challenge trying to find a topic that encompassed this combination, but I feel I have found one. I wrote my thesis on “Green” Datacenters with a focus on energy efficiency and I develop a proposed Management Investment Decision Framework to allow Management to make better informed decisions on “Green” Datacenter project investments. I managed to set up a collaboration with a large German IT service provider for my thesis. I found working together with a company both challenging and enriching, as it stretched me on multiple levels of professionalism. Time-management, planning, and deadlines were tough and pushed me to learn quickly in areas outside of my comfort zone.

I am not sure how good the finished product of my thesis is, as it is still being reviewed. A few things are certain though, I thoroughly enjoyed my self-chosen topic, even as the time pressure became intense at the end. In addition, I learnt a lot about myself during the process, tested new boundaries and coped with situations that were extremely challenging. Overall writing a Master’s Thesis was a rewarding experience, although that said, I really do not want to write another one anytime soon! One was enough.

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