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Why Did I Choose EBS?

Der Neue: Eine kurze Vorstellung

I have been asked this question numerous times, being a South African and being seemingly far from home. To be honest there were a number of both personal and career-orientated reasons for choosing EBS. Starting from a career perspective, I wish to start my career in Europe and hence having a Master’s Degree from a European Institution strengthens my chances of success significantly, especially in our current tough market conditions. I wanted to do a Masters in Management so as to have a well-rounded education and qualification, with my Bachelors’ majors being Economics, Information Systems and German Studies. Additionally I wanted to continue to improve my German, which was partly due to my undergraduate extra major in German Studies as well as having a German wife. There is no better place than in a German speaking society to achieve this; hence, Germany was an obvious choice.

I had previously researched doing a foreign semester during my Bachelor Studies, and EBS had been my desired institution. However, due to complications from my then home University in South Africa I was unable to partake in a foreign exchange. It was at that point that I decided that against all odds I would come to Germany and make it into EBS Masters.

The pursuit of my ambitious dream of going to one of Germany’s top business schools began (from a point of sitting in South Africa) with job offers from large reputable companies in South Africa on the table, no authorization to reside in Germany, no acceptance to EBS, and no funding for my studies at EBS. I took on these challenges, and against all odds-- despite hiccups and complications-- persevered with the entire process from February 2008 until July 2009.

I succeeded in being accepted to EBS with courses in English, a beautiful country side location conducive to studying, and an international-orientated educational program.

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