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Quality vs. quantity

As consumers we have the power of choice and we should not under-estimate this power. In an effort to combat the big problems in today’s world, we as the consumer have a relatively easy and effective role to play. The power of better product selection.

The following are a few brief thoughts on what you may take into consideration:

Quality, it is self-evident that better quality products generally have a longer useful life and in addition in most cases due to their longer useful life have a lower impact on the environment.

Chemical make-up, we really should demand to know what is in our products. Taking it a step further, we should demand to have the chemical components of the product explained in an interpretable manner, as the average consumer is not a chemist major.

Origin, we should take note of where the products are produced. This can get complicated when products have lots of components that could potentially come from all over the globe. A simple logo stating how many kilometers to the nearest 100th kilometer the components and product has travelled to sit on the shop shelf would help consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

Need vs. want, the most difficult product selection decision by far. How many times have you bought something in the spur of the moment, only to realize later that, you do not really need it and basically just wasted your money? It has happened to me a good few times and I am sure it has happened to you too! So let’s try and not buy stuff that when we stop and think for a whole 60 seconds about it, we really do not need. As that is just wasting our natural resources at the end of the day.

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