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MBA Blogger: Leo

Hi guys and gals, I am Leo, an MBA student at EBS from India. I attained my degree in Mechanical Engineering at the National Institute of Technology in Tiruchirapalli, India. Thereafter, I worked for three years in the Research & Development department of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. as an Assistant Manager in Mumbai, India.

I will be representing the EBS MBA Class of 2011 on this blog. I hope to take you through the EBS MBA experience through my future posts. I promise to give you some insights into my program, thereby catering to the needs of many readers, be it prospective (EBS) MBA student, present MBA students from other colleges, prospective MBA recruiters, or just passers by who want to learn more about the life of EBS students.

I will be discussing many topics related to EBS and the EBS MBA in particular. Check back in next week to find out why I chose the European Business School, and why I decided to do my MBA in Germany.

Leo aka NoeL


Master Blogger: Trevor

Hi, my name is Trevor S. and currently I am in the European Business School Masters programme for General Management. I was born in South Africa and grew up and went to school there. I grew up during a historical transition period in South Africa and hence have a unique diverse multi-cultural knowledge gained from interactional experience with people from all walks of life. Since this first blog entry is supposed to be all about me, I will give you a very brief CV-like story of my life up until this point.

I completed school in 2000 and decided to pursue a career in Hospitality and promptly got a job in a hotel in Cape Town. I worked there for one and half years and then decided to gain some international experience and managed to secure a position in a hotel in Killarney, Ireland. I worked in Ireland for two and half years and then made a big decision to go to university. I went back to South Africa and began studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2005. I completed my Bachelors studies in South Africa and majored in Information Systems and German Studies. I finished up my Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in 2008 and moved to Germany with my wife in December 2008. I then worked on securing a position on the Masters Programme at EBS and started my Masters in September 2009 and I am delighted to be here!

As I continue to write week after week in this Blog, you will discover more and more details about me, and I hope to provide you with some insight into my Masters studies experience at EBS.

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