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Global Consulting Project

Global Consulting Project is a five credit module offered to the EBS full-time MBA students. This is a compulsory MBA module. It consists of two parts: one is the Project Management course and the other is the consulting project itself, with a company. The whole idea of the course is to give us a first-hand experience of handling and doing a project from its start to the end with European companies.

The first course, Project Management, is conducted in the first semester to teach various project management tools and methodologies which students can use while doing project work. Organizational details of the project happen toward the end of the first semester. During this time we have multiple companies coming to campus to introduce their projects to the students. Students then have to form a team and choose their most interesting project. They then start working on the project from the start of the second semester.

In the very first week of the second semester students are to come up with the project plan and are expected to have made the first contact with the company to agree on the timeline and responsibilities, among many other aspects of the project. From January – April, students have four months to work on and complete their project. There are several milestones in between and multiple meetings with the project steering board (EBS) and/or the company to review progress. At the end of April, students are to give a final presentation to the company present the final solution of the project. Students also write a report on the project work based on their results and what they have learned.

The good thing about this course is that this is, for most of the students, the first time working in Germany and Europe. The experience is really wonderful and helps students in getting internships and fulltime jobs, when the time arises.


Studying in Germany vs. Studying in India

Because I am originally from India but am studying in Germany, one might wonder what the biggest differences between studying in my home country and in Germany are. Here are the biggest differences from my perspective:

Firstly, all the professors at EBS are actively involved with companies in various projects and hence their lectures are up-to-date with lot of real life examples. There is no language problem in the university, as most people speak English. However, outside campus it is difficult to meet people if you don’t know German. As for working in Germany, most of the companies ask for a working knowledge of business German.

In Germany, we don’t strictly follow any textbook, which is very different from India. In India, professors start at chapter one and often go on until the last chapter in the textbook, and that marks that the course is over. It is good in a way that we learn a topic from its very basics; but at the same time, there is lot of theory with little real life examples. Also, the texts are frequently out of date.

From a cultural point of view, Germans are very organized and have rules and regulations for almost everything. This is sometimes very strange for someone like me coming from India, but somehow I like Germans and their very organized nature.

Lastly, Living conditions in Germany are good. I am currently living about five kilometers away from EBS. When I started my course, I decided to bike to EBS every day and hence bought a bike for myself. But later on I got lazy and these days, I commute up and down from EBS using the public transport. Transportation is quite expensive in Germany, though.


Life in the Rheingau

I come from a small city in the South of India called Kottayam. It is quite different than Oestrich-Winkel. Kottayam is famous for its back waters and rubber tree plantations. Kottayam is centrally located in Kerala state, which is known for its natural beauty and tourism. It is often mentioned as the ‘God’s own Country’. If you haven’t been to the places there, make it a point to visit at least once.

The first difference between Oestrich-Winkel and Kottayam is the wine and the vineyards. We don’t have vineyards in South India. Another difference is the public transportation. We have plenty of public transportation in Kottayam but in Oestrich-Winkel, it is not the case. It is really difficult to live in Oestrich-Winkel if you don’t have a car or at least a bike. Size wise, Kottayam is still bigger and has more shops and businesses around than Oestrich-Winkel, though the larger cities of Wiesbaden and Mainz, not to forget Frankfurt are nearby and have lots of shops, entertainment, and businesses.

The best thing about living in the Rheingau region is the atmosphere it offers. It is a calm and quiet place, an ideal place to study. Another thing I love about the Rheingau is its proximity to the river Rhine. The river is just a two minute walk from where I stay. There are walking and jogging trails as well as benches right next to the river banks. My most favourite thing about being in the area is being surrounded by vineyards. Where else can I enjoy a nice sip of Rheingau Riesling?


Thoughts on Leadership: Leo

Who is a leader?

Be a leader’ or ‘hone your leadership skills’ are common jargons we hear in our day to day lives. It might not be a surprising fact for most of us that it is one of the hot selling topics in today’s world. It is the central theme of most of the self-help books and courses out there in the market. Again, I won’t be wrong to assume that all of us at some point or the other in our lives have made use of one of those books or courses. But have you ever asked yourself the question - ‘Who is a leader?’

Today I decided to ask myself the question. After musing over this for a long time, I came up with the following:

A true leader should be someone who is capable of leading his team differently, as per the situation warrants. The first situation is when everything is going fine and the team is inching towards victory without major troubles. The true leader should then be ready to play the second fiddle to his teammates. He should let his teammates’ march ahead and let them collect the credits for their hard work.

The second situation is when things are not happening as per the plan and the team is facing hardships and is finding it difficult to advance towards its goal. The true leader should then lead the team from the front, guiding the teammates with expertise and skills, making use of his or her rich experience.

How many of the so-called-leaders-of-today fit this description? Does today’s management education help bring to life the true-leader lying dormant within us? Is there room for improvement? Let us contemplate this thought and aim at becoming the true leaders of tomorrow…


Funding Options

In these times of financial distress - when people are losing jobs, banks shy away from disbursing loans, and scholarships are scarce – every prospective MBA student will be worried about how to fund his/her studies. So let me list down some of the funding options that one can look at, when he/she is considering EBS for the Full-Time MBA Program:


1. eXebs – EBS Alumni Association – Support for Students -

There are many scholarships to choose from.

a. eXebs Fellowship und Bildungsfonds

b. EBS Alumni Citi Foundation Scholarship

c. Auslandsstipendien

d. eXebs Friedrich J. Schoening International Scholarship supported by DAAD

e. Akademische Feier der EBS Alumni Studienstiftung


2. EBS Full-Time MBA Scholarships

a. Partial EBS Premium Scholarships

b. Full scholarships from 'Péter-Horváth-Foundation'


3. Student Finance

The list is ever growing and EBS is always trying to help its students in funding their studies through various support programs.

Apart from that, there are many institutions in Germany that give out scholarships to Germans and non-Germans alike. Below are couple of them:


1. DAAD Grants & Scholarships

a. (Mostly for US & Canada citizens)

b. For all countries

c.  For students from developing countries

d. Country-specific scholarship, information on the various DAAD Scholarship Programmes (2010/2011).

2.  MAN Studienstiftung

3.  RosaLuxemburg Stiftung


So why don’t you apply for an MBA at EBS?

PS: I am supported by two of the above scholarships – eXebs Friedrich J. Schoening International Scholarship supported by DAAD & MAN Studienstiftung (Partial Tuition Fees waiver)

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