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Friday, Jan. 14th

What does success mean to you? This question was brought to us from Patrick, one of two Canadians changing our mindset today. He is a great negotiator, teaching bankers, managers, and even the prosecutors in The Haag. He knows his business very well. This became obvious as everybody was at least questioning his personal definition of success in a context of interaction and litigation, when we were finished today. It is not about winning and losing, or positions. It is about interests, understanding one another, and maximizing the mutual outcome.

The other Canadian, Francois, was talking about global citizenry and challenges of tomorrow. He is a really funny guy and he challenged many of our daily absurdities. However, he did this in a very charismatic and self-depreciating way … probably the secret of his convincing character. Finally, he encouraged us to leave our personal comfort zone. We should go out and get to know the world. There is so much diversity and inspiration that we have to get in touch with. Otherwise we will be outperformed very likely.

Finally, we were reflecting the entire curriculum and shared our view on the learnings. Everybody admitted that his personal mindset got incredibly challenged and also questioned this week. Every single speaker was such a big inspiration and offered us great perspectives. Personally, I got the feeling that the biggest mistake we could do in our lives, would be to underestimate the impact we can have. Every life bears so much potential that we cannot just live in our personal micro cosmos. At the end of the day, I want to have the feeling that my live was not useless, but promoted relevant and positive change. According to my understanding this is what the YGL forum is about. The cool thing is that there seem to be more people out there who share this view, and even if every single life can make a change, together one can still achieve more.

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