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In Focus: Barcelona

Life in Barcelona is very different than life in Oestrich. It is a much larger city with many more people, more possibilities of shopping and going out, and a beach close to campus. The public transport system is actually connecting the place you are at with the location you want to go to. ;-) There are also a lot more attractions such as museums and places that are interesting to visit. For instance, the Sagrada Familia is a very impressive building, and the parks and houses of Dalí are lovely as well. There are numerous museums displaying arts, history or even the development of chocolate! Older buildings in the historic part of the city such as the Plaza Cataluña and the “magic fountain” (a light show with music at a fountain at night) are spectacular.

Though life in Oestrich can be small, the village life has its positive aspects as well. For instance, in Oestrich I live close to everything. The campus is nearly next door, and several of my friends live within walking distance. In Barcelona it takes a lot more planning to get a group of people to a certain place at the agreed time.

In Barcelona there are a few other things one has to learn the first days after arriving; Most important is the fact that pedestrian’s traffic lights start blinking 3 times before they turn red-- which is an important sign meaning, “Start running!”-- because the second the lights turn red, the cars start driving again. Second most important is to, “Watch your bag,” because people who don’t might get their belongings stolen several times just within the first two months. Last but not least, “Don’t ever leave the house without sunglasses!” It does not matter how cloudy the sky looks in the morning, it is likely that the sun is going to come out only a few hours later.

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