A few thoughts on searching for a specific Internship

I recall during one of my undergraduate Economic classes the concept of search costs, the costs an individual endures while looking for a product or service to satisfy a need. Of late I have experienced exactly how costly, in terms of time, search costs can amount to. As I have been looking for an internship, but not just any internship, I have been rather particular and hence the search costs.

Since I was introduced to the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) design framework, I have been trying in earnest to find an internship that is either directly in line with implementation of C2C or at the very least related to the framework in some manner. Finding such an internship at a German company is proving challenging. When one considers that the Cradle to Cradle Festival which is currently on in Berlin until the 16th March 2011 is being held under the banner “Blueprint Netherlands” where many companies have adopted the design principles, my challenge becomes apparent. I hope that German companies follow suite and see the true value in C2C, especially since the founder of the concept Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart is German and his institute EPEA is based in Hamburg. I have naturally sent off an application to EPEA and am awaiting a response. In the mean time I continue to search and line up other possibilities, but as time continues to pass I am slowly broadening my internship search area to include the areas of sustainable strategic innovation and environmental management as well.

Remaining positive, self-confident and proactive are in my mind essential to successfully securing the internship that fits one best. Not to mention researching the prospective companies thoroughly. I have decided to only apply for a few internships that I have really researched well. I feel it is important to take your time and look carefully at your prospective employer and develop a picture of how you can add value to the company and that you and the company are a good fit. So I will be exercising a little patience, while still continuing to seek eco-effective career opportunities.

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