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Why I chose EBS & Germany

As all of you might agree, it was not an easy decision to come to Germany from India for my MBA, as there were numerous opportunities in India and elsewhere in the world for me to do my MBA. I must admit, the decision to choose EBS and Germany was a tough one.

For the three years prior to joining my MBA at EBS, I was scanning the whole world to decide on where to do my MBA. In January 2008, during the QS MBA World Tour, the EBS MBA was presented to me by the EBS MBA Admissions Team in Mumbai, India. It was the beginning of a fruitful association with EBS.

Up until the MBA World Tour, I had never looked at or considered an MBA in Germany. But when looked at Germany more closely, it made sense to me in many ways; I am a Mechanical Engineer with an Automotive Industry experience. So for me, with this type of background, Germany is heaven on Earth. Additionally, I had worked with many German automotive suppliers during my career in Automotive Industry. I was also impressed by the way Germans work – their professionalism, perfectionism and hardworking nature.

EBS MBA is focused on BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries and had a strong international focus. The diversity of the MBA class – based on the culture, background, etc. – was great. The duration of the MBA program at EBS is 18 months (In US – ~24 months, in UK/Australia – ~12 months). EBS has an excellent reputation for its management courses among the financial and consulting companies, especially in Germany. EBS is also located very close to Frankfurt, the financial capital of Germany, and lies on the banks of the River Rhine in the beautiful region called the Rheingau.

EBS has a strong alumni network and they support the school and its students very actively. EBS alumni hold positions in all the big companies in Europe, and they often came down to campus to give talks, company presentations, symposiums etc.

The icing on the cake for me was the cost of doing my MBA at EBS. EBS MBA costs only 19,500 Euros for the whole 18 months. There are also many scholarships and financing options available for prospective students. The cost of doing my EBS MBA with these scholarships fit perfectly into my budget.

I want to be a global citizen and hence decided on an MBA with a true international focus (without taking a dip into my bank account). I got all three of these things when I decided to do my MBA here at EBS in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany.


Master Blogger: Chris

Hello everyone. I’d like to start by introducing myself. My name is Christopher. I am half-American and half-German, born in Heilbronn Germany and I am 26 years old. I have lived in many places in the United States and in Germany because as I grew up my family moved every two to three years. So I have seen a lot, met a lot of people, and of course had good times as well as bad times.

I have a large variety of hobbies and interests which include things like fitness, golf, art, learning, and meeting new people. That is only a small part of the thing called "me" but over the next months I will be giving you guys out there a good bit more to fill in some of the gaps. Generally, I consider myself to be a very driven individual. I like to set challenging goals for myself and I strive to improve things around me. I guess that is one of the reasons that I decided to attend the Master’s program at the European Business School. The road here was not always easy, but the direction and the goal was definitely set. I am a strong believer in that a person can achieve anything that one strives for. The ingredients for reaching my goal in retrospect were hard work, flexibility, dedication, and patience.

I look forward to sharing some of my insights with you in the coming months, and I hope you enjoy reading them. Until next week, Zaijian (goodbye in Chinese).


My Favorite Class: International Corporate Governance

In this week’s blog I will be discussing my favourite class during my first semester. I suppose my favourite class is the class that I have done all the pre-reading for, the one I arrive to on time regularly, and the one that holds my attention for the entire 90 minutes; those are fairly tough criteria to align. On a more serious note, I would have to say that the one class that I have found consistently interesting (and am fairly surprised about) is International Corporate Governance. It is one of the classes that I am almost always prepared for, including the respectable amount of reading, which is usually a Harvard business case and is a good 20 plus pages in length. Additionally, I always manage to arrive to all the classes on time, as I do not want to miss out on the first crucial minutes where the Professor sets the scene for the remaining 87 minutes. And then finally, I have remained active in the discussion for the entire 90 minutes.

You might be wondering what kept me focused and alert for the whole 90 minutes. Firstly, the class was not full of theoretical model after theoretical model with attempts to apply it to real life cases. On the contrary, we approached it from another angle altogether, using a case study (real life governance issues in real companies) where we applied theory to real circumstances. If you stop to think about that for a moment, you will appreciate how challenging that can be and how useful and enlightening the results are. Although that said, without all the theory learning from my Bachelor studies this approach more than likely would not have been possible. Nonetheless it was a refreshing approach to examining corporate governance successes and in other cases failures due to inappropriate use of governance. There was always a fair bit of discussion during class and many opinions aired, although often openly and critically refuted by others. And due credit must be given to the Professor for encouraging and facilitating this constructive discourse during his classes. For me the most important learning that I am taking away from this class is that governance is not straight forward and one should always look below the surface of the corporation at its structures in order to begin to understand its unique version of governance.





MBA Blogger: Leo

Hi guys and gals, I am Leo, an MBA student at EBS from India. I attained my degree in Mechanical Engineering at the National Institute of Technology in Tiruchirapalli, India. Thereafter, I worked for three years in the Research & Development department of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. as an Assistant Manager in Mumbai, India.

I will be representing the EBS MBA Class of 2011 on this blog. I hope to take you through the EBS MBA experience through my future posts. I promise to give you some insights into my program, thereby catering to the needs of many readers, be it prospective (EBS) MBA student, present MBA students from other colleges, prospective MBA recruiters, or just passers by who want to learn more about the life of EBS students.

I will be discussing many topics related to EBS and the EBS MBA in particular. Check back in next week to find out why I chose the European Business School, and why I decided to do my MBA in Germany.

Leo aka NoeL


Master Blogger: Trevor

Hi, my name is Trevor S. and currently I am in the European Business School Masters programme for General Management. I was born in South Africa and grew up and went to school there. I grew up during a historical transition period in South Africa and hence have a unique diverse multi-cultural knowledge gained from interactional experience with people from all walks of life. Since this first blog entry is supposed to be all about me, I will give you a very brief CV-like story of my life up until this point.

I completed school in 2000 and decided to pursue a career in Hospitality and promptly got a job in a hotel in Cape Town. I worked there for one and half years and then decided to gain some international experience and managed to secure a position in a hotel in Killarney, Ireland. I worked in Ireland for two and half years and then made a big decision to go to university. I went back to South Africa and began studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2005. I completed my Bachelors studies in South Africa and majored in Information Systems and German Studies. I finished up my Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in 2008 and moved to Germany with my wife in December 2008. I then worked on securing a position on the Masters Programme at EBS and started my Masters in September 2009 and I am delighted to be here!

As I continue to write week after week in this Blog, you will discover more and more details about me, and I hope to provide you with some insight into my Masters studies experience at EBS.

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