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Thursday, Jan. 13th

Have you every had the feeling that you are facing an invincible enemy? The feeling of being helpless? Sure you had, almost everybody had. But when you listen top Orzala or Christian, two extraordinary YGLs, you will get the impression that out there, there is no challenge that cannot be handled. Orzala is fighting the unrighteousness that several people bring to her home country … Afghanistan. She is fighting in particular for education, female education mostly. According to the current situation in Afghanistan, this is a very dangerous task but she seems absolutely fearless, and if you get to know her, you get to know why that is: She believes in her cause. This reminded me to a quote, I read once: Bravery is not the absence of fear, but the understanding that something else is even more important. This statement is absolutely true for Orzala, a truly extraordinary woman.

The second story that incredibly impressed me today, was told by Christian Wenk. He had a promising future, studying medicine, successful at sports and very talented at the piano. Then he had to face a horrible accident that changed his life completely. Ever since, he is sitting in a wheel chair. However, this guy is absolutely crazy and he is sending so much vitality. First, he finished his studies and became a doctor, even though people were doubting his ability. He proved them wrong. Moreover, he kept playing piano and even did a great charity event in order to fundraise a school in Afghanistan, a collaborative project together with Orzala. This guy is quite a good role for what it means never to give up … ever!


Ms. Orzala Ahshraf Nemat – More than a Leader

Without even thinking about how I am going to structure my blog, how I am going to write it, this time I just want to straight away come to the point that it was by far the most inspiring, the most hard hitting and the most thought provoking sessions I have attended in recent times. Not because of the seriousness and the criticality of the issue being discussed, but because of the story that lies behind an unseen and hard to experience/imagine life.

I am specifically talking about this session today as it just left me awestruck and demanding for more from Ms. Orzala Ahshraf Nemat. A lady who not only is a successful leader in bringing a change in women's lives in hard terrains of war struck Afghanistan but also is a responsible sister, a positive thinker, a visionary and an ardent believer in hope. The simplicity by which she presented her life story made me feel as if I was in Afghanistan for those 2 hours. More than the visuals in her presentation, it was her courage, the conviction in her voice and her confidence that just made me glued to her presence. I don't want to discuss her life story here as this page is far short to describe her achievements as a person. She according to me is an example of how people, who suffer from hardships and hardships, without being responsible for any act of crime or wrong doing, still think positive and chooses a path of hope instead of getting into extremes. The session was so gripping, that for a moment, even our camera man (who was shooting the meet), forgot that he needs to capture the meet and not listen to the speaker. I think I need to write more on Ms. Nemat which I will definitely do later in my further blogs.

Earlier in the day, Mr. Adam C Bird (Director, Mckinsey & Company), comprehensively discussed his life story and touched on the aspects of digital society. Apart from that another very interesting and inspiring session was that of Mr. Christian Wenk (Chief Mediical Officer, Schweizer Paraplegiker-Zentrum) who talked about how despite being physically disable, a person can achieve anything he or she wants. The core point in his session was not to discuss disabilities but to discuss "the abilities" of the people who are termed or viewed in a wrong way by people like us. In my view the title of the session should be "The abilities and the society" rather than "disabilities". In the last session Mr. Javier Garcia Martinez from Spain (Co-founder, Director of Rive Technology) enlightened us with the concept of Nano-technology and how it can be used effectively to address various environmental problems that we are facing today.

In the end I can say that the words and the story of Ms. Nemat are still fresh in my mind and will definitely act as a positive guiding force in various phases of my life. Here is one leader (in fact more than that); I definitely want to look forward to. Simply WOW!!


Wednesday, Jan. 12th

The title of the first YGL curriculum is “Lifelines” and I think they could not have found a better title for this event. Today we had the chance to listen Dr. Immanuel Hermreck and Caroline Müller-Möhl. Hermreck is a really charismatic guy and Head of HR at Bertelsmann. His story was quite interesting as he reflected his personal lifeline with all his ups and downs. I think everybody felt kind of inspired by this guy. Carolina Müller-Möhl is the president of the Müller-Möhl Group and as such, a really good example for all the girls in the room as she is a strong woman, heading a big multinational company and at the same time having the role of a mother and a loving wife. Her topic was education, and even if was always aware of the importance and also the flaws of education, this was still quite interesting and gave me some new perspectives.

Afterwards we had a big feedback session with Immanuel, Carolina, Prof. Jahns and our Prof. for Philosophy, Richard Raatzsch. Although we are all very happy with the curriculum, I think, we had some great ideas to further improve the concept, topic and format wise, for the upcoming years. We emphasized that one thing we do really like about the curriculum, is the discussions and the get-together with all the other participants. There should be more of it next year!

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