EBS Universitšt to extend cooperation with HorvŠth & Partners in the field of executive education

Professor Dr. Ronald Gleich

Professor Dr. Ronald Gleich

EBS Universitšt fŁr Wirtschaft und Recht is realigning its executive education activities and extending its fruitful cooperation with the management consulting and continuing professional education company HorvŠth & Partners in Stuttgart. The aim is to enhance their joint executive education programme and significantly increase revenue for the new company. The most important partner in achieving this will be Executive Education GmbH, EBS Universitšt's continuing education provider.

On 1 January 2013 and as part of this extensive continuing education partnership, Professor Ronald Gleich, Director of the "Strascheg Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SIIE)" at EBS Universitšt, will take over as head of the restructured HorvŠth Akademie, an education institution that has been in existence for over 20 years. Furthermore, on 1 April 2013 the HorvŠth Akademie will become an independent limited company of the HorvŠth & Partners group. The "Controlling Security, Innovation & Entrepreneurship GmbH" (CSIE), previously managed solely by Professor Ronald Gleich, will become legally affiliated to the HorvŠth Akademie GmbH. The HorvŠth Akademie will now have locations in both Stuttgart and Oestrich-Winkel. Professor Gleich will be the sole managing director and alongside HorvŠth & Partner GmbH the second partner of the new HorvŠth Akademie GmbH. For University President Professor Rolf D. Cremer this strengthening of cooperation in the field of executive education between HorvŠth & Partners and EBS Universitšt is a further step in the expansion and professionalization of continuing education for professionals that, from a strategic perspective, is becoming increasingly important: "Alongside our Business School and Law School, Executive Education will become a strong strategic pillar of our University. Through the ever closer cooperation with HorvŠth & Partners we will be able to accelerate our growth in this area".

The HorvŠth Akademie offers continuing education programmes for specialists and managers, focusing in particular on topics spanning corporate management and performance optimization. The portfolio includes seminars, congresses, conferences, certificate programmes and customized corporate programmes. "In collaboration with the continuing education expert Professor Ronald Gleich we are aiming to generate new growth, above all in the area of certificate and custom programmes with a university qualification", commented the responsible HorvŠth Managing Director, Dr Uwe Michel. A typical approach, for example, is the HorvŠth Summer Academy, where young managers build up skills and capabilities in the fields of financial control, process and strategic management.

The most important cooperation partner will be EBS Universitšt fŁr Wirtschaft und Recht, where Professor Gleich has already been developing and implementing executive education programmes for several years. Before joining EBS Gleich was a research assistant and professorial candidate at the University of Stuttgart from 1991 to 1998. In 1999 he went on to join HorvŠth & Partners Management Consultants as a consultant and was Partner from 2002 and 2005. The collaboration between the two partnering organizations has already produced successful programmes such as the "HorvŠth Controller College", a certificate programme that has been running for 20 years and since three years leads to a university qualification. Commenting Professor Ronald Gleich said: "It is exactly this booming field that I aim to expand in future, for instance with new concepts for financial control workshops in cooperation with the restructured Academy. I look forward to this opportunity to bring together two strong partners in the field of continuing professional education and support them with my long years of experience in executive education."