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E-Books (Auto-Login)

  • Springer E-Books
    The package comprises 2 collections (term 2005-ff) 1. German collection "Wirtschaftswissenschaften" (incl. the titles of Gabler, Vieweg, Teubner, Verl. für Sozialwissenschaften) 2. English collection "Business & Economics"
  • WISO.NET e-books
    offers access for more than 1.500 primarily German-language e-books from different publishers.
    Subjects: Marketing, Controlling, Organization, Human Resources, Economics, Business psychology, Law, Sociology

Business databases

    includes the databases Business Source Complete and EconLit with main focus on business and economics.
    EBSCO contains more than 15.000 full-text and abstracted journals. In addition to the serials, EBSCO provides WEFA (Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates) industry reports and country monitor as well as EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) country reports. As well as Berstein financial data is included, EBSCO offers Kluwer Academic Press journals, all Berkeley Electronic Press journals, Wiley Business and Economic journals, AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) publications and the Business Book Research Library.
  • EBSCO SocIndex with fulltext
    SocIndex with fulltext is the world's most comprehensive and highest quality sociology research database. Its extensive scope and content provide users with a wealth of extremely useful information encompassing the broad spectrum of sociological study.
  • Elsevier - ScienceDirect
    The Business School Edition provides a critical mass of over 239 prestigious and highly cited journals, as well as key reference works and handbooks, including renowned titles such as:
    - The Handbooks in Economics Series
    - Accounting Organizations and Society
    - Journal of Accounting and Economics
    - Journal of Banking and Finance
    - Journal of Financial Economics
    - Long Range Planning
    - World Development
  • Emerald Management Xtra
    Emerald's leading Management database provides you with breadth and depth across all management disciplines, including the latest peer-reviewed, international research in both established and emerging areas of interest. With seven subject collections you have access to 200 fulltext journals from Emerald and reviews from the world's top 300 management journals.
    is a full text database that contains back-issues of core scholarly journals in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. It contains complete runs of these scholarly journals, many of which date from the 1800s. JSTOR does not include current issues of journals; the most recently published issue of any current journal will not appear in JSTOR until 1-5 years after the publishing date.
    We have enabled your access to the following JSTOR Collections: Business I, II, III You can now access JSTOR content by going directly to JSTOR and selecting Search or Browse from the menu bar.
    offers the most comprehensive German literature in economics. The cooperation with significant publishing companies and scientific institutes allows a unique portfolio in high-class contents. GBI WISO-Net allows users full text access to approximately 400 journals, bibliographies, articles from the daily presses and weekly press business informations.

Economic information

  • EconBiz
    EconBiz is a search portal for economics, the portal was started in 2002 as the Virtual Library for Economics and Business Studies. EconBiz was initially funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and is developed continually by the German National Library of Economics (ZBW):
    The portal aims to support research in and teaching of economics with a central entry point for all kinds of subject-specific information and direct access to full texts.
    EconBiz offers:
    a search engine including important German and international databases for economics and business studies
    access to full texts on the Internet,
    a calendar of events in economics and business studies,
    the reference service EconDesk which supports you in your search for information in economics and business studies.
  • CEPR Discussion Papers
    Research by CEPR Research Fellows and Affiliates appears initially in the CEPR Discussion Paper series. These Discussion Papers are circulated widely to other specialists in the research and policy community so that the results of the research receive prompt and thorough professional scrutiny. The Centre produces about 600 Discussion Papers each year.
    Lebensmittelzeitung is the German's leading professional publication for the consumer sector. delivers topical news about trade and industry. Please ask our Library staff for access to the database:
  • LexisNexis
    is a leading global provider of comprehensive information and business solutions in a variety of areas - legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting and academic.
    LexisNexis provide customers access to billions of searchable documents from more than 45.000 legal, news and business sources. Corporations and legal professionals can also manage, organize and integrate their work processes using the unique set of solutions.
  • NWB Steuer- und Wirtschaftsrecht
    comprises journals, books and references on national and international tax and business law which are included in the following licences:
    NWB Steuer- und Wirtschaftsrecht
    NWB Rechnungswesen
    NWB Erben und Vermögen
    NWB Internationales Steuer- und Wirtschaftsrecht
    NWB Unternehmenssteuern und Bilanzen
  • OECD Economic Surveys
    OECD's periodic reviews of member and non-member economies. Member country reviews are generally done on an 18 month cycle,while non-member reviews are done as agreed with the subject country. A minimum of 18 surveys are done each year. Each issue provides a comprehensive analysis of developments in the subject country, along with individual chapters covering key economic challenges being faced and recommendations for dealing with the challenges
  • Palgrave Dictionary of Economics
    The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics Online beinhaltet 1850 Aufsätze geschrieben von über 1500 Spezialisten aus der ganzen Welt und ermöglicht einen umfassenden Überblick über die Wirtschaft von heute. Die Online-Version bietet einen erheblichen Vorteil hinsichtlich der Aktualisierungen, die vierteljährlich stattfinden und damit als eine innovative und zuverlässige Informationsquelle für die neue Generation von Spezialisten dienen. Zu unseren Kunden gehören zahlreiche Banken wie Bank for International Settlements (Schweiz), Österreichische Nationalbank, Europäische Zentralbank sowie weitere Finanzinstitutionen und Hochschulen im gesamten europäischen Raum und in den USA.
  • Statista
    the leading statistics enterprise on the Internet. Statista contains an easy and efficient access to quantitative facts and statistics from more than 1,500 resources.
    The database allows the searching of statistics & studies on more than 60,000 subjects and contains statistics to more than 600 branches. Statista aggregates the most important statistics and studies of market researchers, associations, professional publications as well as state resources.

Corporate database

  • Hoppenstedt
    Die Hoppenstedt Firmendatenbank bietet exklusive und täglich aktualisierte Adressen und Firmendaten über die 300.000 bedeutendsten Unternehmen in Deutschland und deren 1,6 Millionen Ansprechpartnern des Top- und Mittelmanagements.

Entrepreneurial database


Chargeable databases

Law databases

  • beck-online
    Fachmodule: Handels- u. Gesellschaftsrecht plus, Zivilrecht plus, Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz plus, Steuerrecht plus, Bamberger/ Roth plus
    Zeitschriftenmodule: Arbeitsrechtliche Praxis plus, Betriebsberater, Neue Zeitschrift Strafrecht plus, Neue Zeitschrift Verwaltungsrecht plus, Neue Zeitschrift Arbeitsrecht plus, Neue Zeitschrift Insolvenz u. Sanierung
  • Kluwer Arbitration

    Kluwer Arbitration is one of the leading worldwide resources in the international arbitration area. It contains magazines, monographs, comments, sources of law and a decisive database which has received more than 200 ICC Awards.
    The database was developed in cooperation with the International Council of Commercial Arbitration ICCA and the Institute for Transnational Arbitration ITA.These institutions also constantly deliver new content which subsequently flows into the database.

  • Westlaw International 
    Westlaw International is Thomson's powerful online research service, providing legal professionals with trusted legal, news and business information from around the world. Whether you need laws from another country or international information for your practice area, this is your resource for fast, efficient research.
    Westlaw International combines essential, authoritative information resources with the technical innovation of Westlaw - the leading online legal information service in the United States. By combining materials from renowned content providers such as Sweet & Maxwell, Thomson West, ELLIS Publications, Lawbook Co and Carswell, Westlaw International offers you a unique collection of trustworthy legal and regulatory information.

    The access is possible within the EBS IP-ranges
  • HeinOnline Extensive collection of juridical materials of the United States of America, of Great Britain and the Commonwealth:
    • More than more than 1000 relevant Anglo-American legal magazines from the beginning of appearance .
    • All US-American contracts and agreements.
    • All published U.S.Supreme Court decisions.
      Federal register in 1936 till this day.
    • Jurisprudential monographs - 'classic' - from the antiquity up to the present.
      Documents to the public law of more than 190 nations
    All texts are searchable and shown in a cited format (image based).
  • Jurion/Recht ist ein juristischer Online-Service und umfasst derzeit folgende Inhalte: Fachzeitschriften, z. B. Deutsches Verwaltungsblatt
    Kommentare, z. B. Leipziger Kommentar zum StGB; Löwe-Rosenberg: StPO und GVG,
    Handbücher und Fachlexika,
    Rechtsnormen zum EU-Recht, Bundesrecht und den Landesrechten,
    komplette Sammlung allgemeinverbindlicher Tarifverträge,
    Formularbücher und Arbeitshilfen  (z.B. ca. 100 Arbeitshilfen zum Verwaltungsrecht: Formulare, Checklisten, Prüfungsübersichten und Mustertexte) 
    über 250.000 Urteile aller Gerichtsbarkeiten und Instanzen, überwiegend im Volltext
    und tagesaktuelle Neuigkeiten aus Gesetzgebung, Rechtsprechung und Fachpresse
  • Providing legal researchers with the fastest, most cost-effective current awareness tool is the goal of the law librarians and staff of the Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library. They have been preparing this not-for-profit publication weekly since 1948. Today more than 2,500 law professors, lawyers, and law librarians review CILP each week. Here are some of the benefits these subscribers experience: Users receive timely topical access to over 570 legal publications.Items published are organized within 100 relevant subject headings.
    Complete tables of contents of all journals indexed are included.
    CILP is available 4-6 weeks before commercial legal periodical indexes such as the Index to Legal Periodicals, the Current Law Index, and the Legal Resource Index.
    Please, ask for the login via email:
  • Legios is one of the most comprehensive legal online services specialised on Economic Law and Tax Law of the Federal Republic of Germany.
    You will find all important information: latest wording of the law, most recent court decisions and administrative directives as well as authoritative commentaries, handbooks and law journals.
  • DigiZeitschriften Volltext-Zugang zu 200 Kernzeitschriften der deutschen Forschung und Wissenschaft aus 19 Fachgebieten