Theory meets Practice

To ensure that studies at EBS Business School are both academically challenging and practically relevant, EBS lecturers and instructors are a well-balanced mix of professors and experienced practitioners from the business environment. EBS academic staff includes not only EBS professors but also visiting and adjunct professors from around the world. They combine contemporary teaching in their particular areas of specialization with high practical relevance. Research findings generated by the numerous projects conducted in EBS four Departments underpin the state-of-the art curriculum.

Courses are not only offered as classic lectures and seminars, but there is also a strong focus on innovative and participatory teaching methods with case-study teaching, workshops and field studies. Practitioners and partners from EBS wide-reaching network of leading business organizations are often involved in the courses providing students with a practical understanding of the issues they study in theory. In lectures and case studies they share their experiences with students and deliver first-hand information on current challenges and problems in today’s economy.