About ebs-doc.net

Ebs-doc.net is a network of doctoral candidates at the EBS. The aim of this network is primarily the exchange of opinions and a fruitful discussion about research topics as well as social communication among doctoral candidates and doctors at EBS.

Added Values

Registered users have access to the following services, which should help them during their dissertation project:

  • Forum: Discussion about course relevant topics, proposal defense experiences or other topics.
  • Profiles: Doctoral candidates can find out about other doctoral candidates' research and make use of each other's knowledge.
  • Conferences: ebs-doc.net informs about EBS accredited conferences and new conference announcements.
  • Scholarships: ebs.doc-net lists the most important foundations that give out scholarships.
  • Useful Links: Access to sources that can help doctoral candidates with their research.
  • Downloads: Course relevant materials are made available for download
  • Coaching: Opportunity of one-to-one talks with representatives from today's business world, who have been carefully selected as coaches.

Community for doctoral students

ebs-doc.net is a platform integrated into www.myebs.de (section community) which invites all doctoral candidates and doctors at the EBS to participate in the network and exchange ideas, recommendations, links etc.